Bitcoin Spark’s Integration of BNB Smart Contracts and AVAX Fast Transactions Takes the Market by Storm

Smart contracts are a great way of automation in the DeFi industry. These reforms have greatly influenced the growth of blockchain technology by improving its scalability and interoperability. Smart contracts are available on established networks such as BNB and Avalanche, which borrowed the concept from Ethereum. Bitcoin Spark is a new cryptographic project integrating the smart contracts concept with fast transactions than experienced on the Avalanche and BNB networks.

What is Binance Coin (BNB)?

BNB, also called Binance Coin, is a digital currency developed and distributed by Binance Exchange, the world’s largest centralized exchange by trading volume. The crypto asset exists in a decentralized infrastructure headed by Changpeng Zhao,who is  commonly referred to by his nickname, CZ.

What is Avalanche (AVAX)?

Avax is the native and utility token of the Avalanche network. The network was designed as a smart contracting platform similar to Ethereum. However, the Avalanche network has higher transaction speeds and lower gas fees than Ethereum.

But how fast is AVAX? AVAX can handle 4500 transactions per second without jeopardizing the network’s security and decentralization. This speed greatly puts Ethereum’s 15TPS out of the picture. However, a new Bitcoin Spark project will outperform AVAX’s record-breaking transaction speed.

What is Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)?

BTCS is the gas token and native digital asset of the Bitcoin ecosystem. The digital asset has a maximum supply of 21 million BTCS, making its tokenomics resemble Bitcoin’s. This is not a coincidence since Bitcoin Spark is a Bitcoin hard fork. Bitcoin Spark uses an innovative and advanced technology called proof-of-process to manage the Bitcoin Spark network. This validation method combines proof-of-work and proof-of-stake with a special mathematical algorithm that ensures rewards are distributed in a standard way.

The proof-of-process consensus mechanism is the first of its kind, promoting decentralization and equality among network participants. The proof of work/proof of stake hybrid will allow validation on simple electric gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops. The Bitcoin Spark team is currently developing software solutions for Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux devices to increase decentralization in network participation.

During the mining process in Bitcoin Spark, miners’ rewards will stay the same linearly as this promotes centralization and the imminent establishment of a mining monopoly like that of Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin mining rewards are distributed linearly, the firm with the most expensive and advanced mining equipment typically gets the lion’s share. In addition, many retailers who wish to join Bitcoin mining must join larger mining pools that may eventually misuse their assets.

Bitcoin Spark aims to become a gasless network for community members. However, this will kick start after the project goes live. Developers are approximating between one and two years for zero fees, and BTCS burn mechanism to trigger. This will allow the project to buy enough time for market penetration.

But how will miners and network validators earn rewards if the network aims to become gasless? Bitcoin Spark will incorporate two sources of income. The income generated will be used to fuel the mining pools. The platform will lend out processing power in exchange for BTCS. Secondly, BTCS will convert unobstructed spaces on the website and applications into advertising slots that will be paid for by advertisers in BTCS.

The project is currently in the twilight stages of phase three of the ongoing ICO. Investors who ship in early will buy BTCS tokens for just $2 per token. When phase 4 begins, BTCS tokens will begin selling for $2.25 and a reduced bonus of only 10%.

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Intercoin is Launching a Global Web5 Platform for Communities

After years of development, Intercoin – a pioneer in the blockchain industry – is preparing to roll out its long-awaited Web5 Community Platform to 1 million community leaders in over 100 countries. The platform is designed to make blockchain go mainstream, combining Web2 and Web3 features in ways that can help communities worldwide efficiently manage their resources, employees, and governance through the use of blockchain technology.

The same way WordPress helps any organization maintain a website, Intercoin helps them maintain their own community token, DAO, NFTs, raise money, and more. Right now, Intercoin is still taking on bespoke customers who want to build and release their own solutions to their members.

“Web3 has become a dirty word in many circles”, says Greg Magarshak, the founder and CEO of both companies. “Ironically, though, most of the events that caused this reputation have come from exactly the type of middlemen that blockchain was designed to make unnecessary.” Magarshak believes that the missing piece is helping communities serve their members.

Before launching Intercoin, the team developed a decentralized, open source social platform called Qbix. Intercoin builds upon this foundation, extending it with Web3 applications. They are following the path of social networks like WeChat, Facebook, and others, who have rolled out their payment systems. Qbix and Intercoin are designed to be a decentralized, open-source version of that.

Intercoin plans to network all the communities together into “Intercloud”, which it says will be a successor to Bitcoin. Instead of one coin for everyone, Intercoin’s token is designed to be traded by communities on a decentralized exchange.

Intercoin’s vision of the future is one in which individuals are more empowered in their economic decisions and activities, leading to a more inclusive and democratic society. Intercoin has formed strategic partnerships with organizations like Government Blockchain Association and ReadyPlayerMe. They have created solutions for clients ranging from podcasts like Free Talk Live to Andrew Yang’s 2020 campaign. To date, Intercoin has raised capital through two token offerings – unlike many other projects; the offerings carefully made use of exemptions from SEC registration under Regulation S and Regulation D from the JOBS Act. Intercoin is currently testing the waters for its first crowdfunding campaign on Republic: They invite anyone to sign up to indicate interest in receiving their own tokens later this year.

About Intercoin

Intercoin is a pioneering blockchain technology company focused on revolutionizing social networking and community-driven applications. By integrating Web2 and Web5 platforms, Intercoin harnesses the power of Web3 technology to create user-friendly, trust-based solutions for individuals and organizations worldwide. With a strong commitment to transparency and empowerment, Intercoin aims to redefine social networking by enabling true democracy, sound money, and individual choice.


Name: Gregory Magarshak


Company: Intercoin Inc.

Location: Delaware, United States

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Bitcoin Spark: Paving the Way for Fast Transactions

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) is gaining traction in the crypto space due to its impressive attributes, including its fast transactions. Could this be the new Bitcoin?

What is BTCS?

BTCS is the native token of Bitcoin Spark, a Bitcoin fork seeking to usher in a new era of crypto use cases. The Bitcoin community upholds this new fork as it paves the way for fast transactions. Bitcoin Spark is capable of achieving high TPS (transactions per second) due to its reduced time per block and enhanced individual transaction capabilities per block. The network also has a massive number of nodes, which, combined with improvements in transaction speed, results in reduced gas fees.

BTCS real-life uses

BTCS will enable users to access a wide range of smart contracts and decentralized applications (Dapps). Bitcoin Spark will support diverse smart contracts and Dapps through a unique multi-layer design which will include separate execution systems that all reach finality on the main network. This unique design ensures scalability and enables developers to use different programming languages, including Solidity, Rust, and Vyper.

Additionally, users can acquire advertising services with the BTCS token. Bitcoin Spark will include small slots for ads on its website and native application, where advertisers will pay with BTCS. The adverts will be community-policied, with anyone holding an amount of BTCS being able to vote to remove an ad based on a number of issues, such as non-conformity to terms and conditions, scams, vulgar or NSFW, and hate speech. This ensures Bitcoin Spark is a trustworthy platform for advertising.

Moreover, organizations and individuals undertaking high CPU/GPU load tasks can use BTCS to access remote computing power. Bitcoin Spark introduces a novel consensus mechanism known as the Proof-of-Process (PoP), which rewards miners for validating transactions and contributing processing power to the network. The miners’ processing power is then rented out as remote computational power through the network, and BTCS will serve as the payment currency for those using this service.

How to mine BTCS?

The Bitcoin Spark application will play a central role in BTCS mining before the network’s repository is made public for developers to create their own mining applications. To mine BTCS, you will need to install the Bitcoin Spark application and permit access to your device’s processing unit. The app will be compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and Mac OS devices. Once granted access, the application will create an isolated virtual environment that doesn’t interfere with any other part of the device to ensure security. It will also regularly adjust the processing power used to account for overheating, battery, and simultaneous usage needs. Nonetheless, you can still manually select the device resources used for mining.

With the simplicity of the application, you will be able to easily mine BTCS without needing to join a pool and dedicate a portion of your rewards to another entity.

Miners will get newly minted BTCS and transaction fees in addition to the revenue generated from renting out their processing and 50% of the revenue from advertising. Thus, BTCS miners will be able to turn a consistent profit, regardless of market conditions.

Bitcoin Spark is offering a chance to get BTCS before its official launch through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The ICO has been progressing smoothly, with notable investments from crypto whales and positive reviews from crypto experts. Phase 3, which has BTCS priced at $2.00 and offers a 12% bonus with a guaranteed 560% increase, is quickly coming to an end. Investors are thus rushing to get these benefits before their amendment in Phase 4.

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As Bitstamp ends ETH Staking in USA; Filecoin, Litecoin, Borroe Finance Gain Momentum

The cryptocurrency market is a realm of constant change and innovation, where new developments and regulatory shifts can shape the trajectory of digital assets. Recently, Bitstamp, a prominent digital asset exchange, made a significant decision that has captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts. Meanwhile, other coins like Borroe ($ROE), Filecoin (FIL), and Litecoin (LTC) are seizing the opportunity to gain momentum in the wake of these changes.

Bitstamp Ends Ethereum Staking for U.S. Users

Bitstamp announced its decision to cease Ethereum (ETH) staking services for its American customers. In a statement to Decrypt, the exchange revealed that it would discontinue offering staking rewards to U.S. customers starting from September 25.

The rationale behind this move is attributed to regulatory considerations within the United States. The complexities of compliance and evolving regulatory landscapes can prompt platforms to reassess their offerings, as demonstrated by Bitstamp’s decision.

This development underscores the dynamic nature of the crypto industry, where adherence to regulations can significantly impact the services offered to users. As one door closes, others open, presenting opportunities for alternative projects to shine.

Borroe ($ROE): Defining the Future of Finance

Amidst the evolving crypto landscape, Borroe ($ROE) Finance emerges as a compelling project that reimagines the way the Web3 community interacts with their future recurring income. Led by experienced figures like Michael Price, a former VP at, and Maxim Prishchepo, a recognized player in the blockchain space, Borroe boasts a team that instills confidence.

$ROE introduces a groundbreaking concept, allowing users to convert their future recurring income into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for upfront cash. This innovative approach combines AI-powered risk assessment, secure blockchain technology, and streamlined payment solutions, creating a robust ecosystem for peer-to-peer trading of future recurring revenue NFTs.

The ongoing presale of $ROE tokens has garnered substantial attention, reflecting investor confidence in the project’s vision and potential with some experts saying that it remains one of the top crypto coins for beginners to invest in.


Filecoin (FIL): Decentralized Data Storage Pioneer

Filecoin (FIL) is a standout player in the cryptocurrency market, focusing on revolutionizing decentralized data storage solutions.

By leveraging excess storage capacity, FIL enables users to rent out their storage resources, contributing to a decentralized network of providers. This innovative approach disrupts conventional cloud storage models, offering enhanced data security and an opportunity for storage providers to monetize their resources.

Filecoin’s value proposition aligns well with the evolving demands of a data-driven world, making it a coin to watch in the context of the changing crypto landscape.

Litecoin (LTC): Digital Silver Gaining Momentum

Litecoin (LTC), often referred to as digital silver, continues to maintain its momentum as a respected and established cryptocurrency. As a fork of Bitcoin, Litecoin offers faster transaction confirmation times and a different hashing algorithm.

This unique positioning has earned it a significant place in the crypto market, and its consistent performance over the years attracts investors seeking a reliable option beyond the popular Bitcoin. In addition, Litecoin is seen by experts as a good crypto to buy in today’s market.

Navigating Change in the Crypto World

Bitstamp’s decision to halt Ethereum staking for U.S. users highlights the ever-evolving nature of the cryptocurrency industry. Regulatory considerations can impact the services offered by platforms, prompting both users and projects to adapt.

In the face of change, projects like Borroe ($ROE), Filecoin (FIL), and Litecoin (LTC) stand out as potential beneficiaries, each with its own unique value proposition. The crypto landscape continues to evolve, offering both challenges and opportunities for investors and projects alike.

As the market matures, it becomes increasingly important for investors to stay informed and make strategic choices on the best altcoin investment.

Learn more about Borroe ($ROE) here:

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Borroe Finance ($ROE) Buoyant, Outshining Bitcoin And Ethereum-Again

In the past week, the worldwide cryptocurrency market has encountered fluctuations. Bitcoin (BTC), which was steadily hovering near the $28,000 level, experienced a sudden drop to approximately $25,400 on August 17, reaching its lowest point in two months. This has affected investors’ sentiment on which crypto to buy today for long-term gains. In scouting the best cryptocurrency to invest in, this AI-based token, Borroe ($ROE), is making headlines.


Borroe Investor Confidence Amidst Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Dip

The global cryptocurrency market has seen fluctuations in its value. Bitcoin (BTC), which had been steadily hovering around the $28,000 threshold, suddenly plummeted to a two-month low of approximately $25,400 on Aug. 17.

The downward trend also impacted Ethereum (ETH), causing it to drop to a five-month low of $1,551. With the possibility of prolonged high-interest rates and constrained crypto trading volume, this significant decline has driven crypto enthusiasts to top DeFi projects like Borroe Finance.

Borroe offers a platform for Web3 businesses to convert future income streams like subscriptions, invoices, royalties, and more into discounted non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for sale to their supportive communities.

Analysts have predicted Borroe’s native altcoin has a massive 100x growth potential. With a low price of $0.0125 during Stage 1 of its ongoing presale, $ROE is a perfect starting point for crypto newcomers seeking the best crypto to buy.

As the demand for cryptocurrency with utility and trending NFTs continues to surge, Borroe emerges as a beacon of promise, offering investors a platform to discover the best NFTs to buy.

Borroe’s combination of AI-powered technology and NFT-driven marketplace appears to be striking gold. Borroe Finance’s blockchain ICO of $ROE will increase to a price of $0.040 per token at the end of the presale phase.

Borroe ($ROE) has underscored its value with notable achievements. The beta stage registered swift token sales, paving the way for the inaugural presale phase. Over 50% of the total $ROE tokens available have already been acquired at the time of writing.

The Borroe ($ROE) presale follows a strategic structure, with successive stages offering increasing token prices, thus rewarding early participants. Importantly, Borroe’s smart contract has undergone a successful audit by BlockAudit, enhancing its credibility.

Borroe Revolutionizing Web3 Funding

In decentralized finance (DeFi), the pursuit for top DeFi projects remains constant. Established players and new entrants alike compete for attention in this dynamic space. The emergence of new DeFi projects offers opportunities for both investors and crypto beginners opportunities to tap into innovative financial solutions.

Amidst the evolving crypto scene, Borroe has stood out as a beacon of growth. As Bitcoin and Ethereum grapple with challenges, Borroe’s AI-powered funding marketplace has garnered attention.

Its integration of AI, NFTs, and innovative financing models is revitalizing the crypto space. This fresh approach aligns with the search for the best crypto investment and provides a platform for content creators, investors, and beginners to participate in a dynamic ecosystem.

Borroe offers a transformative feature that enables users to transform potential income streams, including royalties and subscriptions, into tradable non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

These unique NFTs serve a dual purpose – they can be showcased on Borroe’s marketplace for potential investor support and are tradeable on secondary markets, enhancing liquidity opportunities.

The strategic integration of NFTs adds a dynamic layer to Borroe’s ecosystem, fostering financing and tradability. Borrowers within the Borroe ecosystem enjoy versatile borrowing options spanning 30 days to a year, all tailored to their individual preferences.

Upon repayment, supporters are rewarded with some of the borrower’s generated income. This strategic design showcases Borroe as a pioneering platform, catering to profit-seeking prospects that harmonize with the contemporary financial needs of web3 enterprises.

The Borroe finance landscape offers growth opportunities. As investors navigate these choices, the synergy of innovation and growth in projects like Borroe can pave the way for a new era of possibilities in the crypto realm.

Learn more about Borroe ($ROE) here:

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Crypto Investors Turn To Tether and Watchvestor Amidst Market Decline

The crypto market is suffering its biggest daily decline since June when some top cryptos were called securities. To cushion the effect of the losses, many crypto investors are now turning to two cryptos: Tether (USDT) and Watchvestor (WVTR). Find out why these cryptos are now the top options for investors in the bear crypto market.

Invest in Rolex, Patek Phillippe, Richard Mille, and AP for as little as $10

Tether (USDT) Trading Volume Spike in the Bear Market

With the crypto market in deep bear territory, many crypto investors and traders have reverted back to Tether (USDT) – the number one stablecoin. Offering immunity from the volatility of the crypto market, the UDST coin has seen a spike in its daily trading volume.

Over the last 24 hours, the trading volume of the Tether coin has gone up by more than 94%. In the period, more than $52.2 billion worth of stablecoin has been traded across the crypto market. Backed by fiat currencies, Tether has maintained its 1:1 peg with the USD.

Despite the surge in the trading volume of Tether, some investors have been redeeming the stablecoin for USD. In the last three days, more than $500 million worth of USDT has been redeemed. As a result, Tether now has a market cap of $82.79 billion.

Investors Turn To Watchvestor for Secured Growth

Iconic and exclusive watches have long been used as stores of value. However, with many costing over $10,000, only a few investors have the chance to enter the luxury watch market. Watchvestor is launching to bring down that barrier using the fractional ownership model.

This new luxury watch marketplace will allow users to fractionally buy, sell and invest in rare and collectible watches from renowned brands such as Rolex, Richard Mille, and Patek Philippe. These watches will be listed on the marketplace as fractional NFTs while the physical watches are stored in secure vaults.

These fractional NFTs can be used as proof of authenticity for the real watches and can be traded on Watchvestor’s secondary market or on an Ethereum-based third-party NFT marketplace such as Opensea. In addition, holders can use the NFTs as collateral to collect loans, further adding liquidity to the luxury watch industry.

Unlike the volatile crypto market going, the luxury watch industry has one trajectory – upwards. The watch market’s annual appreciation rate is 40.6%, guaranteeing investors of massive interest over the years. This makes Watchvestor a great avenue for investors to build their portfolios.

The growth potential offered by Watchvestor is contributing to the increasing popularity of its platform. As the platform grows, crypto experts have predicted that its utility token, WVTR, will increase alongside. At the time of this writing, WVTR trades at $0.03 in its first presale stage but has been forecasted to reach highs of $0.1 at launch.

Find out more about the Watchvestor (WVTR) Presale Today:


Telegram Community:

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Is XRP Helping Build CBDCs? – Learn How Bitcoin Spark Stays Decentralized

Amidst new developments in the cryptocurrency arena, the concept of decentralization remains at the forefront, shaping the landscape of digital currencies. Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) was created to remedy Bitcoin’s skewness toward mining centralization and maintain a decentralized ecosystem. The XRP’s role in CBDC development lingers in many an investor’s mind. However, the buzz surrounding Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) is the centralization aspect and the XRP connection.

What are CBDCs?

A central bank digital currency (CBDC) is a virtual currency that is a digital alternative to physical money created by a central bank in response to the rise of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Whereas cryptocurrencies are decentralized, CBDCs are centralized. CBDCs differ from other digital coins due to direct backing by a central bank or government and can use different technologies, like central bank agents or digital-ledger tech. They can be physical or purely digital, stand-alone tokens, or account-based assets. Central banks decide on whether to issue retail or wholesale CBDCs. They can replace cash for online payments, help with social benefits, and enable easy peer-to-peer transactions. They can also work with smart contracts for better convenience.

What is XRP?

Ripple (XRP) is a versatile payment settlement system and global currency exchange network designed to operate seamlessly on a global scale. XRP strives to modernize and potentially replace the conventional SWIFT network, a prominent platform for international money transfers, and revolutionize the RTGS layer between major financial institutions. It aims for the enhancement of efficiency and speed of cross-border transactions. XRP, Ripple’s native cryptocurrency, can be acquired for various purposes, including investment, medium of exchange for fiat and other cryptocurrencies, and to finance transactions on the Ripple network. Its federated approach distinguishes Ripple as a hybrid solution, combining the strengths of blockchain technology with the expertise of established financial entities.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS): Fostering True Decentralization

As the development of CBDCs makes waves, XRP’s involvement sheds light on the intricate connections between established players and the evolving landscape of digital currencies. Moreover, the importance of maintaining decentralization remains a fundamental consideration—a principle that innovative projects like Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) are committed to upholding in their pursuit of a decentralized ecosystem.

Decentralization makes BTCS’ core philosophy distinguish it in the cryptocurrency landscape. BTCS is deeply committed to fostering a decentralized ecosystem that empowers users, ensures security, and promotes broader participation. BTCS adopts a unique approach, Proof-of-Process (PoP), combining PoS and PoW to achieve a high degree of decentralization.

BTCS’s PoP concept moderates the energy-intensive mining process, making it more sustainable and inclusive. By allowing users to contribute processing power and staked assets to the network, BTCS ensures that the control and security of the ecosystem are shared among a diverse community of participants. The significance of decentralization extends beyond security through user empowerment. BTCS embraces an all-inclusive mining approach where anyone can mine irrespective of their technical expertise or resources. BTCS’ democratization of mining eases entry barriers, facilitating greater involvement and engagement from individuals who might otherwise be excluded in traditional mining setups.

BTCS avails a simple architecture through the Bitcoin Spark application serving as an umbrella for accessing all its products and services.

Furthermore, the project plans to roll out a multi-layer system that encourages third-party developers to contribute to its growth, creating an open-source environment that fosters innovation and collaboration. This approach invites diverse perspectives to shape the ecosystem’s evolution.

BTCS aims to create a resilient and vibrant ecosystem that empowers users, cultivates innovation, and contributes to the evolution of the cryptocurrency landscape. Its ICO is in phase three at $2.00 with a bonus of 12%. You can imagine buying Bitcoin at $1 by investing in the early stages.

Learn more about Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) here:



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Grey Jabesi and Amara Kanu Join via Ambassador Program

Press Release: Popular influencers partner with a leading crypto sportsbook through,

August 24, 2023, London, has welcomed two new high-profile brand ambassadors, Grey Jabesi and Amara Kanu, both joining through the recently launched ambassadorship program,

Big Name Influencers Join Sportsbet

Grey Jabesi is a world-famous cryptocurrency trader and influencer. His popular Crypto Hustle YouTube channel has reached millions of viewers since its launch in 2015. Meanwhile, Amara Kanu is a leading lifestyle influencer and wife of another ambassador, former Arsenal football legend Nwankwo Kanu.

Grey Jabesi, brand ambassador at, said: 

“I’m thrilled to join as an ambassador and share my passion for crypto and sports with their amazing community. is a crypto betting pioneer and I’m looking forward to working closely with them to show the world what a game-changer crypto has already become.”

Amara Kanu, brand ambassador at, said: 

“I’m delighted to be part of the family and join my husband Nwankwo as an ambassador. Joining the Crypto Experience is a unique opportunity for us crypto believers to use our platform to spread the word, and I encourage anyone who is equally passionate to apply.”


Join the Crypto Experience Program

Both Jabesi and Kanu have become ambassadors through the ‘Join the Crypto Experience’ program, which launched in June. It invites influencers and streamers to apply, with those selected introducing’s VIP ecosystem to their networks.

With only 300 ambassador spots available, only the most passionate and committed crypto advocates will make the grade alongside current legends including rappers King Kaka and Cassper Nyovest, Australian cricketer Brett Lee and Brazilian footballer Denilson.

Do you have what it takes to become a great ambassador? Find out more and apply at:


Founded in 2016 as part of Yolo Group, is the leading crypto sportsbook. has redefined the online betting space by combining cutting-edge technology, with cryptocurrency expertise and a passion for offering its players the ultimate fun, fast, and fair gaming experience.

Principal sponsors of the English football team, Southampton FC, provides an expansive range of betting action across all major sports and eSports, offering players more than 350,000 pre-match events per year and comprehensive in-play content.

As the first crypto sportsbook to introduce streaming across all major sports, as well as a cash-out function, is recognized as a leader in both online sports betting and within the crypto community. prides itself on its secure and trustworthy betting service, with withdrawal times of around 1.5 minutes among the fastest in the industry.

For more information about, please visit

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Newcastle United Welcomes as New Club Partner

Press Release: Newcastle United has announced a multi-year partnership with, a leading online sports technology and betting platform.  


23 August 2023, London, UK, part of Yolo Group, has established itself as a digital innovator in the sports industry, bringing its members close to the action through incisive content, analytics, and incentives such as cryptocurrency betting.


Speaking of the partnership, Newcastle United’s Chief Commercial Officer, Peter Silverstone, commented: 


“ is a digital innovator and shares the club’s desire to unlock new ways of engaging with supporters and those who love sports. Having the digital expertise of as part of our Newcastle United family will help us to work together to create content and incentives that will benefit our fans in territories around the world.”


“Having previously worked with, I have seen first-hand how they engage with supporters, breaking boundaries to activate new ideas. is a great addition to our growing family of partners and one which will excite our global fan base.”


Tim Heath, founder of Yolo Group, added: 


“We are absolutely delighted to partner with Newcastle United – a milestone moment for both organisations. This partnership represents an incredible opportunity to connect with fans not just locally, but across the globe. We share a common vision to push the boundaries of digital innovation in the sports industry and we are thrilled to work hand in hand with the club to create unforgettable moments for these dedicated supporters worldwide.”


Mr. Heath believes that this is a great partnership for both parties and also thanked Kalus Kenny Intelex and ISG for their invaluable contributions in making it come to fruition. For more information and to see a number of free promotions, please visit



Founded in 2016 as part of Yolo Group, is the leading crypto sportsbook. has redefined the online betting space by combining cutting-edge technology, with cryptocurrency expertise and a passion for offering its players the ultimate fun, fast, and fair gaming experience. provides an expansive range of betting action across all major sports and eSports, offering players more than 350,000 pre-match events per year and comprehensive in-play content. 


As the first crypto sportsbook to introduce streaming across all major sports, as well as a cashout function, is recognized as a leader in both online sports betting and within the crypto community. prides itself on its secure and trustworthy betting service, with withdrawal times of around 1.5 minutes among the fastest in the industry.


About Newcastle United Football Club

Newcastle United is a leading football club based in the North East of England. Founded in 1892, the club has won the English League Championship four times, and the FA Cup six times. Nicknamed the Magpies, the club play in the English Premier League and is one of the country’s most followed teams.


The club’s passionate supporter base- commonly known as the Toon Army, backs the team in numbers with St. James’ Park’s atmosphere is renowned throughout the world, with sell-out crowds of over 52,000 fans.


Newcastle United has a history of famous strikers, from Jackie Milburn, Len White, and Malcolm MacDonald in years gone by, to Alan Shearer who is the club’s all-time leading goal scorer with 206 goals. For more information on Newcastle United, the club’s history, and all the latest news, please visit 


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Hedera (HBAR) Increases Following Dropp Integration, VeChain (VET) Investors Optimistic, Everlodge (ELDG) Mints Properties as NFTs To Enable Fractional Ownership

Hedera (HBAR) has seen an increase in attention following the Dropp integration, leading many to diversify with the cryptocurrency. However, it’s not the only crypto to gain attention, as VeChain (VET) investors are also optimistic. 

Projects with real-world applications are also kicking up in terms of appeal, where Everlodge (ELDG) has become a huge talking point for crypto investors in 2023. Analysts project massive growth for each altcoin, and today, we will go over which one can provide investors with the highest ROI.


  • Hedera projected to climb to $0.065 by the end of 2023
  • VeChain to reach $0.023 by the end of the year
  • Everlodge expected to climb to $0.035

Join the Everlodge presale and win a luxury holiday to the Maldives

Hedera (HBAR) Integrates Dropp

The Hedera (HBAR) project has seen an uptick in terms of attention, where it surged 15% after the U.S. Federal Reserve’s instant payments platform FedNow added “Dropp.”

This is a Hedera-based micropayments platform alongside a service provider. It’s a pay-by-bank alternative to credit card payments, which enables merchants to accept small-value purchases digitally without high fees.  The Hedera crypto is on the edge of closing the third consecutive month in a rising pattern. Its ability to sustain this trend is evident based on its recent bullish breakout in mid-August.

It has since returned to its common range. The short breakout of the Hedera price could result in higher long-term gains. However, according to analysts, it has a solid future ahead of it, as the Hedera price prediction puts its value at $0.065 by the end of the year.

VeChain (VET) Investors Are Optimistic

The VeChain (VET) crypto investors are also optimistic as the crypto is trying to recover back from the lowest level. The VeCHain cryptocurrency is against recovery over the daily time frame chart, and it needs to attract more buyers in order to surge from its low point.

The VeChain crypto has been trying to recover, but it looks like sellers are trying to pull VET down even further. However, investors are still optimistic, as the volume change is under the influence of sellers. The trading volume for VeChain has also seen an increase, and the volume-to-market cap ratio was at 2.17%.

With this in mind, the projections from analysts are high. According to the VeChain price prediction, it can reach $0.023 by the end of 2023.

Everlodge (ELDG) Allows Anyone to Invest in Real Estate NFTs Fractionally

Everlodge presents a fusion of the real estate market with blockchain technology. The project can revolutionize how properties are bought and sold forever through transparency, accessibility, and a high level of efficiency. It’s on a mission to create the first property marketplace for fractional vacation home ownership.

In fact, on top of Everlodge, buyers from all income brackets can get access to multi-million dollar homes at just $100. On top of the platform, properties are minted as NFTs and then get split.

As for security, all of the property titles, deeds, and ownership details are placed in the smart contract’s metadata. The project’s liquidity pool will also be locked for eight years, while the team tokens will be locked for two.

The platform enables beginner traders the opportunity to diversify their holdings and invest in a project that can provide excellent long-term growth potential. At Stage 1 of its presale, the native ELDG token trades at just $0.012. At launch, analysts project that it will grow by $0.035. 

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