Leading Multichain Payments Solution Utrust Announces Polygon Integration

Press Release: Leading cryptocurrency payment solution Utrust adds support for Polygon transactions, bringing benefits like multi-chain transactions, faster speeds, and cheap gas fees to users.  


17th October, Braga, Portugal Utrust has added support for USDT on Polygon transactions to its digital payments solution platform. The new addition stands to benefit users with its Web3 infrastructure, multi-chain capabilities, and cheap, lightning-fast transactions. 


Building Bridges with Polygon

Utrust is a team of bridge builders. The ultimate goal of every decision the company makes is to empower users with the tools to make financial decisions freely. In order to achieve this, Utrust is continually seeking to take advantage of the world’s most cutting-edge technology.


With the addition of Polygon support to its payment solutions platform, Utrust is integrating one of the industry’s premiere multi-chain solutions, ensuring seamless, fast, and inexpensive for all users. The Polygon integration also opens the door to a new future of collaborations, integrations, and support for other exciting new solutions.


A Multi-chain Future Powered by Utrust

Polygon is one of the biggest emerging cryptocurrency blockchains, boasting Web3 infrastructure for a multi-chain future. By integrating USDT support for it, Utrust ensures its users can benefit from the use of USDT payments while avoiding any of the drawbacks associated with the ERC-20 network. 


The main benefit of the Polygon network is bandwidth, with transaction speeds up to 200 times faster than that of Ethereum. The network is also carbon negative and currently has the largest dApps ecosystem in the world. 


The other big benefit is the gas fees or lack of them. Anyone who has used ETH-based coins for any length of time will have experienced the fluctuating gas fees on the Ethereum network. With USDT payments on Polygon, Utrust users will see a reduction of up to 99% in gas fees.


More Integrations to Come 

Although the Polygon integration is an exciting announcement for users, Utrust believes that there is far more potential with the network’s technical capabilities. Utrust is fully exploring the possibilities that come from adding new chains and all that it can bring to its payments experience. 


Utrust is always looking to make things faster, cheaper, and much more simple for everyone. With integrations like Polygon, Utrust will continue to make crypto payments more accessible and interoperable to mainstream users and businesses. 


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Media Contact Details

Contact Name: Sanja Kon

Contact Email: sanja@utrust.com


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Decentralized Gaming Platform DeFi11 Launches IDO After $3.5M Private Sale

Press Release: DeFi11, a decentralized gaming ecosystem, is introducing major changes to both revamp the platform and make it fairer to users as part of an expansion fuelled by recent funding.


17th June 2021, New Delhi, India – Fantasy sports have gained massive popularity in recent years. The market is expected to grow by 7% by 2024. However, a lack of regulation has allowed companies to exploit users. Many fantasy sports and virtual gaming platforms have been accused of publishing false volumes, creating fake winners, and misusing user data. DeFi11 was created to stop these unfair practices, providing a safe platform for the users. Powered by blockchain, DeFi11 eliminates centralization and maintains user privacy. In addition,  DeFi11 will tokenize gaming assets using non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing users to access features like liquidity pools, prediction-based smart contracts, and staking.


Touted as the first DeFi-powered fully decentralized gaming ecosystem in the world, DeFi11 is introducing changes for better gamification of its platform. DeFi11’s team recently announced a collaboration with Polygon (formerly Matic) to integrate its layer 2 solution with a new protocol. The new smart contract-powered protocol aims to improve the scalability and security of the platform. Some of the core benefits that smart contracts would offer include data abuse checks and the prevention of financial fraud. The creation of dummy winners – a fraudulent practice common among fantasy games – can also be restricted using smart contracts. 


NFT and Decentralization


While NFT-gaming was always a prime feature of DeFi11, it has now decided to fully integrate NFTs into its gaming ecosystem. The tokenization of gaming assets means that NFTs can be collected and traded within the game for the first time. The introduction of NFTs will also help to create a live 3D experience in the game.


Moreover, DeFi11 is developing a revolutionary P2P interaction feature that will pioneer the prediction market. Set to deploy in phases, the P2P interaction feature will be completely self-functioning without the need for any intervention from a third party. In its bid to further decentralize the gaming ecosystem, DeFi11 is trying to open source all the platform’s code.


Recent Developments


For DeFi11, the recent months have been quite eventful. The company was the silver sponsor of the 6th Global DeFi Congress that was held in Dubai in February this year. In May, DeFi11 announced joining hands with TDeFi, a prominent name in the NFT and DeFi world that has helped many startups over the years. Through this collaboration, DeFi11 aims to further expand its NFT space. DeFi11 also announced partnering with Biconomy, a multi-chain transaction infrastructure, to solve the issue of micro-transactions within the game. Finally, DeFi 11’s most recent funding round managed to raise just $3.5 million, resources which it will use to support further development of its unique gaming platform. 


Upcoming Announcements


Indeed, over the next few months, DeFi11 will be making a number of major announcements and rolling out several new features. This includes a second fundraising round, followed by a campaign geared towards promoting its upcoming IDO. A complete overhaul of the company website, with more details and features, is also in the works. DeFi11 also announced the successful launch of its beta app on June 1.


Further down the timeline, DeFi 11 plans to launch post-IDO staking, start a referral and bounty hunting program, and announce several partnerships all aimed at boosting the platform’s userbase. All precede the announcement of the platform’s first-ever IDO, the details of which will be announced later this year. 


About DeFi11


DeFi11 is a decentralized gaming ecosystem primarily centered around fantasy sports and NFT gaming. It is powered by DeFi or decentralized finance, an umbrella of financial applications that utilize blockchain. As the first crypto-fantasy gaming ecosystem of its kind, DeFi11 strives to solve the issues of transparency, accountability, and security that often plague the world of fantasy sports.


DeFi11 offers complete transparency and anonymity to its users. It believes in complete decentralization of the platform – including P2P transactions without involving the house. Through randomized winner selection and community governance, the platform is attempting to eliminate bias and fraud. 


For more information about the DeFi11, visit their website


Follow DeFi11 on Twitter.

Stay up-to-date via DeFi11’s blog.

Join the discussion on DeFi11’s Telegram community (also available for Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam). 

Read the DeFi11 Whitepaper here.

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Vulcan Forged Launches NFTs Designed by the Godfather of Fantasy Art

Press Release: Vulcan Forged has secured IP rights to several artists’ work to bring fantasy-themed NFTs to the VulcanVerse. 


5th June 2021, Cardiff, United Kingdom – Blockchain gaming platform Vulcan Forged has secured the intellectual property (IP) rights for works included in the Frank Frazetta Art collection. The team plans to use these rights to create and distribute fantasy-themed non-fungible tokens (NFTs), brandishing the famous works, in Vulcan’s in-game world the VulcanVerse. 

Fantasy Art Meets Virtual Reality 

Amongst the famous artworks, Frank Frazetta’s “Egyptian Queen” – a painting that recently sold for $5.4 million – will be tokenized for the first time as an NFT-themed ‘Vulcanite’ – a champion in the in-game world. Some of the original licensed artworks have already sold for millions of dollars globally. Most notably, the Vulcan team has secured the rights to designs by the so-called “Godfather of Fantasy Art”, Frank Frazetta. Frazetta is a world-renowned fantasy and science fiction artist most famous for his Conan The Barbarian illustrations. He has gone on to become an icon and inspiration for the current generation of fantasy artists. 

How will Vulcan Forged use the IPs?

The Vulcan team has confirmed that many of the NFTs set to be launched in the VulcanVerse will be minted for the first time on the platform’s native blockchain as Vulcanites. Besides the digital ownership of the actual artwork, Vulcan Forged users will be able to use the tokens as champions inside VulcanVerse, the flagship MMORPG, and other games in the ecosystem.

The current IP licenses will also allow VulcanVerse to use the characters in the five upcoming gamebooks, contributing substantially to the profound lore that permeates the whole ecosystem.

Vulcan Forged Forges the Future 

Vulcan’s gaming ecosystem has been making headlines as a result of its fast pace of development and its ever-growing gamer community. Incarnate – a 3D Board game with 8,000 champions – is one of the many upcoming games to join the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. It will also offer marketing, technical support, and $40,000 in development grants for blockchain games and dapps on the vulcan platform.

Moreover, most recently, a fantasy trading card game called Berserk launched in the VulcanVerse. Players can simulate battles based on the ‘creatures’ associated with each Berserk playing card, as well as exchange playing cards in the vulcan ecosystem. The launch is set to include a tournament with $100,000 in rewards for the victors. 

Vulcan users will soon be able to claim a portion of the previously announced $20 million reward pool by playing games in the ecosystem or staking the platform’s native token, PYR. Indeed, PYR was recently listed on centralized cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, its first appearance in the open market. The listing is an effort to support PYR and the wider Vulcan Forged ecosystem, whose marketplace now has over $60 million in trading volume to date.

Finally, the team has introduced a fiat-crypto ramp to expand the payment options for new and existing users, and plan to launch 100 additional games in the VulcanVerse by the end of 2021. More recently, the Vulcan Forged team announced the platform will support NFTs created on the Polygon network as a result of their latest partnership with Network Arkane.


About VulcanVerse

VulcanVerse is a virtual world set in the Greco-Roman era. It is a stand-alone game that uses blockchain technology to enable users to truly own their land and assets. Its detailed lore is written by the authors of Fighting Fantasy, a series of successful single-player role-playing gamebooks created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. Additionally, the virtual world boasts complex gaming tools and multiplayer game-playing functionalities. 


VulcanVerse is blockchain-based, with key items in the virtual world existing as NFTs on a purpose-built blockchain. Vulcan’s Berserk can be accessed via a downloadable application that recently became available on Google’s Play Store. 


For more information on how to become part of the VulcanVerse, visit their website here.


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Stay up to date via Vulcan Forged’s Discord

Learn more about the virtual universe on VulcanWiki

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