NULS Partners With Suisse Blockchain – Incubator With Its Own IDO Platform

Press release: The Innovative Nuls Solution Will Aid Suisse Blockchain in Shaping the Future of the Blockchain Industry.


August 8th, 2022, Singapore: NULS Blockchain is delighted to announce its partnership with Suisse Blockchain. The partnership is a blending of expertise, as Suisse Blockchain is rooted in marketing and regulatory compliance; NULS is grounded in blockchain and multi-chain technologies. Both are committed to a future where blockchain startups are enabled to grow and market their vision for the future of blockchain. Together, NULS and Suisse Blockchain are creating and supporting an IDO and incubator platform.


Blockchain is known for its technical and legal complexities – high barriers for blockchain startups to navigate. The mission of Suisse Blockchain is to lower those barriers and enable startups to grow without the limits of potential roadblocks. In other words, to facilitate blockchain startups to shape their future.


Streamlining the Incubation Process

The Suisse Blockchain team works hand-in-hand with the NULS team, continually strengthening the security and the future of the upcoming projects. Blockchain is an evolving technology with constantly changing rules and regulations. It is important to navigate the immediate while keeping sight of the future. Suisse Blockchain takes care of that through code auditing, due diligence research, and a deep commitment to regulation. The foundation of Suisse Blockchain is the legal framework of the forward-looking Swiss DLT-Law.


This collaboration enables blockchain ideas and visions not yet dreamed of to flourish. As more blockchain startups appear with new ideas and concepts combined with the  Metaverse-bound future, Suisse Blockchain will be there to provide assistance and guidance.


NULS is excited to join with Suisse Blockchain in contributing to the predictable and unpredictable shape of the future of the blockchain space.


About NULS

NULS, Singapore, provides a blockchain infrastructure boasting cross-chain consensus, a multi-chain mechanism, and smart contract support. Their combination of two blockchains, the NULS and the NerveNetwork blockchain, allows for fast speed and comparatively low transaction costs.


Its multi-chain wallet NABOX provides Suisse Blockchain with the ability to interact with multiple chains. This enables the blockchain startup incubator to host IDOs for projects from a variety of platforms and is not restricted to BNB or ETH. Being able to utilize 20+ blockchains is a technical advantage uncommon in the industry. 


About Suisse Blockchain

Suisse Blockchain is a company based in Chur, Switzerland. Founded in 2022, Suisse Blockchain is the first blockchain startup incubator created on the Swiss DLT-Law framework allowing the project to be secure and progressive when it comes to regulations. The blockchain-experienced team takes care of the creation, acceleration, and later expansion of the company utilizing one of the most cost-effective and future-proof blockchain platforms.


For more details, visit the Suisse Blockchain website here

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Hackless Pioneers B2B & B2C Security Tool for DeFi, Saving Nearly $500,000 for Clients

Hackless Pioneers B2B & B2C Security Tool for DeFi, Saving Nearly $500,000 for Clients

Press Release: DeFi protection solution, Hackless, is pioneering a new security tool which has so far saved funds worth just under $500,000 from hacked addresses.  


August 10th, London, United Kingdom – ETHLisbon Hackathon winners Hackless has designed a comprehensive security platform which aims to protect the decentralized finance (DeFi) world from targeted exploits, as well as safely migrate funds from individual wallets and protocols under attack.


Hackless works at the infrastructure level of EVM-compatible blockchains, uniting several elements from the blockchain ecosystem in order to strengthen a DeFi protocol’s security from the lowest levels of its ecosystem.


The platform has three core services which it uses to help defend against exploits and recover funds:


  • Watchdog – A mempool monitoring tool which tracks suspicious transactions. 
  • SafeMigrate (B2B) – The first-to-market service which ensures that funds can be successfully migrated from a paused DeFi protocol that is being attacked.


  • Conductor (B2C) – A private mining provider that ensures the safe and undetectable migration of user’s funds from compromised wallets.


The Hackless team believes this type of active protection is critical to the future innovation in the DeFi space given the substantial increase in the value of assets being locked up in DeFi applications.


Serhii Androsiuk, co-founder and CEO of Hackless, commented:


“The daunting thing about DeFi right now is that the rising tide of recent security exploits seems to out-speed the adoption and development of DeFi as such. Seven of the ten largest crypto thefts from January 2021 to March 2022 involved DeFi protocols. Frequent brutal exploits of flash loan protocols, cross-chain bridges and individual crypto wallets stress the need for a powerful security tool which is capable of boosting industry’s security level right away. We envision Hackless as a comprehensive platform that offers solutions both for DeFi protocols and individual investors. When used by all types of DeFi players it will enhance the overall protection giving a boost to industry’s growth.”


Hackless In Action

Earlier this year, A.I. and blockchain-powered virtual assistant services platform VAIOT was subject to a brutal exploit. Attackers tried and succeeded to take ownership of several of the platform’s operational wallets, containing its native currency VAI, which are critical for the functioning of its services. This resulted in the theft and freezing of several million VAI and tens of thousands worth of ETH and BNB, belonging to both their users and VAIOT itself.


The Hackless team integrated with VAIOT, contributing their expertise to the effort to safely migrate the frozen assets from the contract owned by the attacker. Using a variety of techniques and tools utilized in the Hackless product itself, the team were able to successfully help VAIOT recover $400,000 in frozen assets, whilst ensuring both the techniques and their employment remained undetected to the attacker.   


This successful case study was followed in quick succession by other examples of Hackless in action. The first involved a user who had their private keys stolen (a theft all too common in the crypto space) following a phishing attack. The attacker then monitored the wallet, draining all funds as soon as they appeared, leaving the user unable to access their NFTs worth ~$4,000. In this case, Hackless was able to deploy two key features of its product, the Conductor and SafeMigrate. The team were able to retrieve all the user’s NFTs to an uncompromised wallet without the attacker being aware.  


The second was a similar case, only the amount stolen was significantly higher at $87,000. Deploying the same features, Hackless was able to recover this amount quickly, proving again not only that there is demand for this service, but that their tools work. Consequently, both the Conductor and SafeMigrate form part of Hackless’ core offering, which is now available to the public. 


Securing the Future of DeFi with Hackless

Hackless has demonstrated its DeFi security pedigree in the wild. Its mission to provide a robust security layer between Ethereum and its many DeFi protocols, is inspired and facilitated by the experience of its Ukraine-based team. Co-Founders Serhii Androsiuk and Pavel Radchuk have extensive experience in the blockchain space, with both having worked with various DeFi and NFT projects since 2017. Androsiuk is also a veteran of the banking sector, lending his expertise in growing projects to scale to the Hackless team. 


This year has seen the beginning of the architectural design for its modular platform, as well as production-ready services. The roadmap this year still has a number of exciting developments to come, including its staking program (Q3 2022), V1 Conductor (Q3 2022) and V1 SafeMigrate (Q4 2022). 


Combined with partnerships with leading DeFi projects such as Blaize and Zokyo, Hackless is well positioned to deliver a much needed security solution for the DeFi space.


To read more about Hackless and its pioneering solution to protect DeFi assets, visit their website here.


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PIXXTASY Project – Don’t use. Just own it.

Introduction to PIXXTASY

PIXXTASY is the brainchild of Zoltán Egri, a man who overcame two-year drug addiction and has since become a serious anti-drug advocate. His dedication to the anti-drug cause and cryptocurrency and blockchain technology formed this project to help fund drug recovery programs and NGOs by selling NFTs.

PIXXTASY has two main taglines: “DON’T USE. JUST OWN IT.” And “BE A HEALER,” advocating against drug use and helping others quit.

Zoltán Egri’s Story and Vision

The creator of PIXXTASY has described how everything in his life has led up to creating the world’s first anti-drug NFT collection:

“As a brand manager, I have been working from home, and the epidemic has given me time to observe what direction the world is heading towards; this direction is the NFT. Art has always provided me with a different perspective, I’ve created digital content and aim to continue making more. I’ve been through a lot, I was an employee, a manager, a 5-minute star, a lover, a cheater, a rich person, a drug addict, and then I got clean. PIXXTASY was formed due to the combination of events from my life.” – Zoltán Egri (translated and adjusted for English)

PIXXTASY’s goal is to reach out to rehabilitation centers and NGOs that help drug addicts recover; previously, these centers and NGOs have struggled to have a strong presence in online communities. Giving up drugs and opting for recovery is a complex and lengthy process requiring much support.  

Donations, Whitelist and Minting NFTs

The funds earned through NFT sales will help charities dealing with anti-drug campaigns and drug recovery programs to run and reach more people. PIXXTASY will support the work of 11 non-profit organizations and rehabilitation centers globally using $1,000,000 of the project’s proceeds. The fund would be donated based on the frequency of NFT sales, and a random lottery of donors will be held to determine which organization receives the money.

PIXXTASY’s NFT collection will drop in small quantities (333 + 33 + 33 NFTS in different drops), with NFTs feeling premium and high quality. People interested in purchasing PIXXTASY NFTs can sign up for the whitelist, which starts on the 31st of August 2022; those who sign up have a chance of being selected and allowed to purchase one of PIXXTASY’s NFTs. The NFTs are limited edition and hand-drawn by a professional artist, making them more desirable than mass-produced NFTs.

Westminster Drug Project (WDP) and other anti-drug projects have partnered with PIXXTASY to move the project forward.

KingIT Solutions and PIXXTASY:

KingIT Solutions aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs or SMBs). KingIT Solutions primarily designs and creates Mobile and Web Applications, websites, and web shops, while also helping with Digital Marketing and Content Production.

KingIT Solutions and its CEO Edvard Bene are working closely with the PIXXTASY project as the Business Development Advisor, creating the project’s website, supporting marketing, and developing NFTs for the project.

The artwork is designed to look like current pop culture icons, such as Hello Kitty, Bitcoin, Star Wars, and many others, which is also the basis for PIXXTASY’s NFTs; relatable yet unique. The other reason for these designs is that real drugs are often shaped into pop culture icons. This allows PIXXTASY to raise awareness of what illegal drugs can look like and their associated dangers due to unknown contents.


Beerseewalk, aka BSW, is a famous Hungarian hip-hop group that has been making music for over 12 years. They have partnered with PIXXTASY to promote and support the project, working to bring together crypto, music, NFTs, and PIXXTASY’s anti-drug goal. 


The modernization of methods for socializing has allowed for a shift from real-life physical socializing to digital socializing, giving way to positive and negative aspects, like a black market for goods such as drugs that people can purchase anonymously.

Younger people are earning their own money and not relying on their parents or others. These young people are at risk because they can be inexperienced, naïve, curious, and influential, making them an easy target for drug use. The gap between the younger generation and drug recovery needs to be modernized to be able to help as many people as possible.







KingIT Solutions Website:

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POSS TOKEN to Be Listed on BitMart Exchange

The Posschain team is both humbled and delighted to announce that the Poss token will be listed on BitMart Exchange.

The POSS token will permit users to transact with others on the blockchain and pay for all utility fees in the ecosystem. The platform can use the token for governance, staking, transactions, smart contracts, and validator rewards.

As investors have been anticipating which exchange Poss token will be listed, the team has announced that a BitMart listing has long been one of their goals to enable as many people as possible worldwide to buy and hold POSS TOKEN while also adding liquidity to the coin and network.

The team has been in touch with BitMart’s administrators for quite some time and went through a pervasive due diligence process. Being a part of such a procedure and obtaining such confirmation makes the team very satisfied, knowing that BitMart will set such a high standard of professionalism.

The Poss token will be listed on BitMart. This will be Poss token’s first exchange platform once the sale event is completed.

The Posschain team has been precise in choosing its first platform to list its token to enable a hassle-free user transaction and enhance the token’s value when it finally gets listed. The team mentioned that they owe much appreciation to their community, which put them on the radar of decision-makers in BitMart.

The team has also mentioned that new listings are on the way and are in contact with many exchanges for new listing news.

  • Poss token staying power
  • How will the listing work?
  • Why did the project choose BitMart as its first exchange platform?
  • When will the listing take place?
  • Poss token Listing price
  • Transaction fees
  • Conclusion


The team has been dedicated to ensuring the thriving of the Posschain project. The Poss technology, built to provide end-to-end anonymity for the entire DeFi stack, will eventually be the next colossal altcoin. Regardless of the project being in its last ICO round, It’s pretty apparent that POSSCHAIN will stand the test of time. The staying power of the Poss token project is sturdy as negotiations with the exchange platform BitMart have been completed; this will definitely be enormous for investors who joined earlier in the ICO.

The POSSCHAIN Team also mentioned that the new exchange news is coming.

How will the listing work?

BitMart Exchange will list the Poss token.

Users can effortlessly trade POSS native coins for ERC20/BEP2 tokens through the Posschain Bridge on BitMart Exchange.

Why did Posschain choose BitMart as its first Exchange platform?

BitMart is an international cryptocurrency exchange that enables users in 180+ countries to purchase and sell over 1,000 digital currencies and tokens. BitMart provides all the features you’d anticipate from a global crypto exchange.

CEX exchanges procure a user-friendly protocol that stimulates the purchase and surveillance of digital assets.

The team stated that they chose BitMart because it offers developed charting, numerous order types, including market and limit orders, futures trading, and low trading fees. Additionally, BitMart has an over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk for institutional investors.

This will enable the investors to trade potentially with no drawback.

To learn more about BitMart, visit their website at and download the BitMart App to trade anytime, anywhere.

Transaction fees

BitMart is the exchange with one of the lowest trading fees in the market, which is one of the fundamental reasons the team also nominated the exchange.


The future of Posschain is highly luminous as it is on its way to becoming a well-known altcoin. With the abrupt surge of the project, one can tell the token will eventually break the market price record. Considering the anticipated listing price, Diamond hands indeed never fail. There is no doubt about Poss token joining the league of prominent and promising altcoins. While Investors missed out on similar prominent projects in the past few years, POSSCHAIN has seemed to create an opportunity for redemption.

For all of Posschain’s updates and to join the conversation, be sure to check these channels:






Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any project.

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Traffic Summit – Be One Step Ahead of the Digital Marketing Industry

Turkey is one of the most appealing business hubs. Thousands of attendees and the world’s top experts in 10+ professional fields, including performance, affiliate, and crypto marketing. And this is just the “tip of an iceberg” of the Traffic Summit conference.

The two-day event program of Traffic Summit is tailored to maintain the perfect balance between ingesting expert-level knowledge, diving into various networking opportunities, and enjoying world-class entertainment. Traffic Summit will bring experts from all over the world together in Istanbul on September 28-29.

The Traffic Summit team attaches great importance to choosing locations. On the first day of the event, the TS Expo will be held at one of the most gorgeous congress halls in Istanbul. On the day of the event, Haliç will turn into a digital universe with partners and exhibitors space, reports from the industry’s top names, photo zones, and lounges in the open air.

Among the international experts who will speak at the Traffic Summit stage are Amin Siala, growth consultant, Google; Todor Minev, CEO of Hyperzon Inc.; Maor Benaim, Owner of Wolf Marketing; Zach Benson, Founder of Assistagram, and others.

Traffic Summit day two is called TS Island. More than a thousand experts will visit a private island of unique beauty for networking and participating in panel discussions. And all this will take place on the beach with a great view!

traffic summit turkey istanbul nulltx

Overall, the event will include:

  • Networking with 3500+ like-minded specialists;
  • Huge expo zone with 80+ booths from leading brands;
  • 30+ papers from the top-level speakers;
  • Mind-blowing parties at the end of TS Expo and TS Island;

Every attendee will find himself surrounded by the world’s top digital marketers representing lead generation, SMM, crypto, content marketing, SEO, performance marketing, and many other tracks of high demand.

At the end of the event, the organizers will hold a ceremony of handing rewards to the World Traffic Award winners on the private island where the Island Afterparty will take place. WTA is an international prize for truly outstanding reps of the digital industry. The first round is a selection by a vote among the community. Then, the organizers form the final shortlist, including those who gained the most appreciation. The community will select the winners.

Have you bought your ticket yet? Go to the Traffic Summit website and use the promo code NULLTX15 – it goes with a 15% discount on all existing packages. 

Join the conference and take over the digital industry with Traffic Summit!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before attending any event or investing in any project.

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Web3 Telecommunications Startup Wayru Launches Decentralized Internet Network

Press Release: Web3 telecommunications startup is launching its decentralized Internet hotspot network & Genesis hardware devices to usher in a new era of connectivity. 


9th August 2022, Miami – The Wayru ecosystem enables anyone to buy its Hotspot Pool Tokens to support the network, or become an even more integral part of the Wayru infrastructure by owning one of the first 1,000 Genesis hardware devices. 


The Lack of Connectivity

In 2011 the United Nations released a report declaring that internet access was a human right, citing it as a key means by which individuals can exercise their right to freedom and expression. Despite this seemingly huge step forwards to a more connected world occurring over 10 years ago, only 35% of people in underdeveloped nations have access to the internet.


This lack of connectivity in developing nations, largely due to the inaction of a few established telecommunication companies, has opened the door to new innovators like Wayru to pioneer its unique, blockchain-backed solution, and address the long-standing issue. 


What is Wayru?

Backed by Borderless, the Algorand Foundation & other Industry investors, Wayru is an emerging Web3 telecommunications startup that has developed a radical new globally-compatible Hotspot network and a hardware device (known as Genesis) for individuals to share their internet connection in exchange for cryptocurrency.


The Wayru sharing economy model provides the basic framework for communities, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to build, own & operate Internet networks independently. The network will focus heavily on eliminating the significant operational costs plagued by centralized internet networks. Wayru handles telecommunications, processing, and other transactions on the network using Algorand’s Blockchain.


Wayru Founder and CEO Charvel Chedraui stated that: 


“The Internet has changed the world more than anything else in history, and providing access to everyone in the world can bring collective changes so massive that are very hard to predict. A decentralized version of how Internet access is distributed today would allow people to achieve digital freedom, economic independence, and community development.”


Wayru to Deploy Hotspot Pools

Wayru Hotspot pools are a hybrid network of Hotspots with cutting-edge radio fiber-quality mesh technologies. Starting at first in the heavily populated but under-connected Latin American cities of Quito and Guayaquil, Wayru will deploy Hotspot Pools across businesses, homes, and public areas for millions of people to use. 


With no setup cost and a free first month of service for early adopters, the Hotspot pools are the easiest way for individuals to invest in the infrastructure and start earning the platform’s native $WRU token. 


 Each pool contains a minimum of 1,000 Hotspots. The pools are tokenized for anyone to invest in by buying Pool Tokens, and the number of ‘pool tokens’ in each pool varies with the pool’s location and the number of Hotspots within it. All rewards are equally distributed among holders, so the more tokens you hold the more rewards you earn.


Pool Token Rewards 

For every $100 in revenue generated from using the Network, roughly $40 keeps the Network running, leaving a $60 reward. This is split between Wayru and Pool Token Holders, with Holders receiving exactly two-thirds and Wayru one-third. The first batch will have 10,000 Pool tokens available priced at $50 USD per token. Pool tokens can be bought using WRU, ALGO, USDC, or USD 


Genesis Device

The Wayru Genesis device acts as a WiFi hub that lets people share their internet connection for crypto rewards. The devices will go on sale today, Tuesday, August 9th, and are expected to ship in late Q3 2022. The first round of devices will also come with an early-bird reward of between $50.00 and $100.00 worth of WRU, so there is no better time to get in on the ground floor and be a part of the next big revolution of global connectivity.


WRU Token 

The $WRU token is a proprietary token running on Algorands blockchain. The full max supply of 10 Billion tokens will be minted as genesis but locked to the network until network usable commences. The token will be distributed as rewards for Hotspot pool token owners, Hotspot operators, and stakers, for their contribution to the network. Just 1% (100 million) of the token supply will be released at the public sale which will take place sometime early 2023, with the remainder dispersed over years as rewards. 


The Wayru revolution will kick off on Tuesday the 9th of August with a presale that will offer the first 1,000 Genesis hardware devices and Hotspot Pool tokens to the world. With two very enterprising options available, and a huge gap in the market, the Wayru presale offers a great opportunity for anyone to be a part of the new era of global connectivity. 


Media Contact

Contact Name: Charvel Chedraui

Contact Email: 


Wayru Socials

Presale | Twitter | Discord is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.


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StreamCoin Celebrates 1st Anniversary With Continuous Growth

StreamCoin is celebrating its first anniversary by recalling what the company has achieved in the past year and sharing what it has in store for the future.

While StreamCoin was established on August 1 last year to provide a more suited platform for global creators and artists amid the rapid growth of live streaming during the post-COVID-19 pandemic, it has since evolved into a blockchain brand that creates a fair and open environment for users in the cryptocurrency, NFT, and live streaming space; it is now a company more geared toward the “new normal.”

Among the developments within the company since its inception was its big boost in research and development for the StreamCoin ecosystem after seed funding. These funding rounds saw growth for MeiTalk, STRMNFT, and Stream Chain (Mainnet 1.0).

To ensure the global adoption of its ecosystem, StreamCoin also started forging partnerships with numerous blockchain and live streaming platforms, including a momentous collaboration with Real Research, a blockchain-based survey application with over 4 million users in more than 165 countries. The platform also partnered with notable live streaming platforms to elevate MeiTalk’s multi-streaming feature.

StreamCoin has also achieved more of what it promised in its initial roadmap before the second round of its initial coin offering (ICO) ended. Notably, the platform introduced the GaStream (GSTRM) utility token, which was distributed to eligible public sale participants via airdrop. GSTRM was then later listed on multiple exchanges.

On March 25, StreamCoin was invited as a platinum sponsor to TNC Group’s World Live Streamers Conference (WLSC) 2022, where StreamCoin CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh impressed over 30,000 investors, industry leaders, and influencers, among other attendees. During WLSC, the firm also announced the launch of MeiTalk’s Alpha version and teased its NFT platform, STRMNFT.

April also saw Streamcoin successfully conclude its public sale and hit a soft cap of $11.7 million, along with corporate ICO participation from TNC of 200 million STRM. Furthermore, the platform partnered with blockchain firms, Aladdin Pro, WeBlock, Metabase Network, Daoverse Capital, and more during the same month.

Interestingly, StreamCoin burned STRM, its governance token, in several rounds until May 6, which saw the cryptocurrency’s total supply decrease by more than 50%.

Following the burning rounds, STRM was simultaneously listed on over 100 exchanges during the first week of May — a record in the industry.

Meanwhile, the STRM Staking portal was launched, which offered up to 700% returns in GSTRM. Furthermore, StreamCoin introduced the Stream Bridge swapping service, making the STRM coins cross-chain compatible with five blockchains.

StreamCoin remained focused on expanding its services, resulting in the launching of its own NFT marketplace dubbed STRMNFT. Consequently, registration on the platform was opened, allowing users to mint NFTs for free for a period of time.

In July, the sale of the Lady Ape Club (LAC) NFT collection started on STRMNFT — the first on the platform. Despite the cold crypto winter, 9,000 Lady Apes were sold out within just four hours, a record high in NFT sales.

Amid StreamCoin’s aggressive push, it says it will continue developing its ecosystem and implement new features that will better cater to users. The team claimed that it is “more energized than ever” to achieve more milestones.

“We will move forward with the development of STRMNFT, improving users’ experience and adding new features, along with opening it for all creators to create, trade, and collect NFTs,” the StreamCoin team wrote in a blog.

“Moreover, we will also continue the development of MeiTalk in line with our roadmap.”

StreamCoin revealed that the platform would start burning 50% of STRM accumulated from their service fees monthly. The team mentioned that it would keep users posted via its official channels.

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Comadran Studios Obtains a $50M Investment From Gem Digital Limited (“Gem”) And Releases the Play to Earn Game Medabots With the Medamon Token

Paris – New York – Bahamas // GEM Digital Limited is a digital asset investment firm that sources, structures, and invests in utility tokens listed on over 30 CEXs and DEXs globally. This substantial capital commitment will allow Comadran Studios to fulfill its upcoming projects.

comadran studios
Comadran Studios // Crypto Videogame and Movie studio with a triple-A team

Comadran Studios is a pioneer in searching for the best entertainment paths, which made them create:

MEDABOTS, the first AAA Crypto Game

Medabots logo

The game has been developed by industry giants that have worked in prestigious studios such as Riot, Marvel, Ubisoft, and Disney and combined forces to create their studio.

The team, led by Paul Sirats, a veteran of the industry and executive producer of the project, is composed of passionate videogame professionals. The founder of the game and CEO of Comadran Studios, Kevin from Andorra, is a natural-born gamer and has made it clear from the beginning:

“The idea is to become a reference studio in the entertainment and audiovisual market.”

In Comadran Studios, it is clear to them that they want to develop games they would love to play themselves, and Medabots is only the beginning.

The project encompasses several products: a platform/Marketplace with NFTs and “MEDAMON,” the platform token that will allow users to manage their assets in the game.

Moreover, the Medabots team has created a blockchain department, a benchmark in the sector, to put the ideas that no one has had before to work, such as; uniting the concepts Free 2 Play and Play 2 Earn in one game. They have needed countless development hours and R+D to reach their objective.

Medabots is a 3v3 tactical turn-based experience that uses NFTs. It allows the player to personalize his inventory and trade with his robots’ pieces through its marketplace, giving total freedom to personalize the player’s strategy.

Medabots play-2-earn game
Medabots gameplay

Check out the official Medabots YouTube Channel for more info.

As well as the game, the project comes with an active community full of events and contests.

The multiplayer cards game, Medabots, which involves battles between robots and is hosted on the blockchain, is ready to revolutionize the crypto game world with its exquisite graphic designs and strategic game.

The project is also pleased to announce that the token, Medamon ($mon), based on the BSC net, has already been launched on the prestigious exchange Huobi, and its CEO assures the community that this is just the beginning.

Medabots is a free-to-play game where users can create their robots. The basic pieces can be obtained in the game, but the NFT pieces can only be purchased or minted in the market, and, among other things, these will make users earn money with their battles. As a result, each piece generates a card that can be used for the battles in the game. Each robot has its statistics, and the players can also increase their life, attack, shield, or speed by using the pieces with the desired statistics.

After downloading the game, users can play Adventure Mode. Once the player collects three robots in Adventure mode, he can play the League and Multiplayer modes.

The token MEDAMON will be used for:

  • Creating new NFTs in the market.
  • Buying NFTs from other players in the market.
  • Buying other goods in the game.
  • Receiving awards in the game.

The Medabots game will be available for download in Google Play Store and iOS App Store and can now be found on their website: 

About GEM Digital Limited

GEM Digital Limited is a digital asset investment firm. Based in The Bahamas, the firm actively sources, structures, and invests in utility tokens listed on over 30 CEXs and DEXs globally.

Global Emerging Markets (“GEM”) is a $3.4 billion alternative investment group with operations in Paris, New York, and the Bahamas. GEM manages a diverse set of investment vehicles focused on emerging markets and has completed over 530 transactions in 72 countries. Each investment vehicle has a different degree of operational control, risk-adjusted return, and liquidity profile. The family of funds and investment vehicles provides GEM and its partners with exposure to Small-Mid Cap Management Buyouts, Private Investments in Public Equities, and select venture investments.

Free to Play + Play to Earn Medabots Release

Today, Medabots is ready to emerge as the Crypto Gaming leader with the Play to Earn launch.

Check out the official Medabots Telegram Channel for more details:

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any project.

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ABBC Foundation’s Official DEX DOMINO Formally Launches Trading Platform

On July 18, ABBC Foundation launched its decentralized exchange (DEX) ‘DOMINO.’ This DEX aims to be the most secure, transparent, and unique next-generation platform to provide users with the most exceptional experience. New features are coming to the platform shortly after the launch.

ABBC Foundation CEO Jason Daniel spoke about DOMINO’s goals and its contribution to the ABBC ecosystem:

“Our goal is to provide our ABBC supporters with a seamless decentralized trading experience through a secure, reliable, and fail-proof exchange. DOMINO is a highly important addition to the ABBC ecosystem, which will change how decentralized exchanges work. It is a user-friendly platform with a minimum fee and no sign-up, making it one-of-its-kind.”

Following the launch, the DOMINO team mentioned that special platform features would be introduced soon. Notably, the initial cryptocurrency trading pairs list will be announced shortly on DOMINO’s official social media accounts. Additionally, ABBC Foundation’s partners will find a convenient way to list their tokens in DOMINO.

DOMINO’s primary feature is its ability to facilitate cryptocurrency trading and swapping for a relatively low fee. In addition, ABBC Foundation anticipates that it will change the user experience and make trading easier and smoother. The decentralized exchange can also be used without the hassle of sign-up.

Moreover, ABBC Foundation believes that DOMINO’s trustless and P2P trading will provide a borderless experience 24/7 to the crypto savvies worldwide. Per DOMINO DEX’s official Telegram channel, crypto trading on the platform will be secure and effortless.

As cryptocurrencies become widespread, centralized and decentralized exchanges become extremely popular. A DEX, however, can eliminate the need for a mediator. There is no third party involved to provide a trustless experience. Furthermore, security-conscious users choose a DEX like DOMINO because it gives them complete control over their assets.

About ABBC Foundation

ABBC Foundation is the organization that maintains the best interests of ABBC Coin. Based in Dubai, the foundation utilizes its strategic location—at the epicenter of blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption – to pave the way for the future of payment security.


DOMINO is the latest addition to the suite of platforms that ABBC Foundation is offering. It is a decentralized exchange that enables users to trade cryptocurrency without signing up. Users can also trade directly by connecting their cryptocurrency wallets to the platform.

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Chimeras Launches Open Alpha Version of Metaverse Game

Press Release: Chimeras announces the launch of the open alpha version of its P2E metaverse game.


Tuesday, July 5th, 2022, Mahe, Seychelles – The Chimeras Metaverse project is delighted to announce the launch of the Open Alpha version of the game. The new and updated version is already available for download by all players willing to take part in the amazing Chimeras Universe.


The update will give all players the ability to delve deeper into the lore of Chimeras and gain even more advantages for moving up the rating charts.


Joining the Open Alpha does not require players to own NFTs or stake CHIM tokens. The Open Alpha version also includes positive changes and improvements. Among them are vastly updated sound settings, new quests, and new game bonuses for players that give the opportunity to win valuable prizes.


As an added piece of game content to help flesh out the world of Chimeras, the team invites everybody to enjoy the full-length cinematic trailer on YouTube. The full video is now available on the official Chimeras YouTube channel, showcasing the game’s exciting battle mechanics and extensive functionality in gorgeous detail with a healthy zest of humor.


Chimeras players can also download the mobile app for Android phones, with the iOS app set to be made available shortly!


How to Register? 

To participate in the Open Alpha, players have to undergo direct registration by email on the Chimeras official website – a straightforward and hassle-free process.


Depending on the method of registration in the game during the Open Alpha period, players receive certain in-game bonuses. 


All participants of the Open Alpha who hold more than 300 CHIM tokens in their wallets will be eligible for a bonus Chimera. The unique creature will allow its holders to achieve better results throughout in-game progress and give them more chances to claim higher spots on the leaderboards. Free registration will provide no bonuses for the Open Alpha period.


Awards and Ratings

The Open Alpha version of Chimeras retains the Leaderboards showcasing top-performing players. The Leaderboards will be available on the project’s official website and be updated in real-time. However, the criterion for determining a player’s place in the Leaderboards rating is a currency created specifically for the Open Alpha – meet the Alpha Medal (non-NFT)!


Players will receive Alpha Medals from 3 main in-game sources:

  1. As part of rewards received from loot boxes for Chimeras’ shifts worked out in Mines.
  2. Crafting as part of Alchemy.
  3. As part of quest rewards.


All Alpha Medals are displayed as numerical values on the official website Leaderboard opposite the player’s nickname. Players are already familiar with such a depiction of ratings since it was previously applied to the Portal Stones.


As the Open Alpha completes, players receive rewards depending on their place in the Leaderboards. The rewards include CHIM Tokens, Chimeras, Chosen Ones, and unique Account Avatars.

On a special note – all players who manage to score rankings from 1 to 500 during the Open Alpha will receive special NFT avatars that they will be able to use as their profile picture in the game. Such a unique feature will instantly position them as distinguished members of the community and honorary ranking holders on the Open Alpha Leaderboard.


The quest system remains unchanged in the Open Alpha. All quests are posted on the personal account, and players are free to fulfill their conditions in the game. Players who fulfill the quests will receive the promised in-game prizes.


It’s Finally Here!

The Chimeras Metaverse Team is delighted to have reached the Open Alpha version stage and welcomes all players to join the game and dive into the exciting gameplay, enjoy the stunning graphics, and have fun in this vast, open world!


The Open Alpha is a more inclusive Alpha version that gives all players the ability to join, enjoy the game and provide invaluable feedback. The main purpose of the Open Alpha is to test the game’s technologies and mechanics on a larger number of users and allow the team to improve the product from a technical perspective, thus preparing it for Global Launch with a smooth transition for all players.


The Global Launch of the game, once it is ready for full deployment, will give players the chance to enjoy an even more advanced version of the product with more features, including real mining and direct earnings. This is set to take place in a few month’s time! 


Chimeras welcomes all players to take advantage of the new opportunity to win amazing prizes in the Open Alpha and propel their in-game progress like never before!


For more about Chimeras and the launch of the Open Alpha version of its metaverse, visit their main website here


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Media Contact Details

Contact Name: Yuliya Prekrasnova

Contact Telegram: @Chimeras_PR


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