3 Top Cryptos For Massive 2024 Gains

The top cryptos eagerly await the SEC’s ruling on the Bitcoin ETF. When Gary Gensler’s X account was hacked and a false confirmation posted, Bitcoin and all other top cryptos like Solana and SEI rallied, only to fall back after the hack was revealed. New meme-based exchange Meme Moguls – now in presale – will also benefit from market-shifting events like the Bitcoin ETF and is expected to spike 100x upon release.

Solana – making the most of the bull runs

2023 was a phenomenal year for Solana. No large-cap coin outpaced Solana, and investors are excited about what Solana can do during the bull run fuelled by the possible Bitcoin ETF.

The Bitcoin ETF is a mechanism where traders can track the price changes of the coin without holding the actual coin. This will make the coin more widespread and generate interest. A Bitcoin ETF will buoy the whole crypto industry, and top cryptos like Solana will rise with it. Solana was good without the Bitcoin ETF. With it, it may be brilliant.

Meme Moguls – New token to outpace the top cryptos

Cryptos are more than serious finance; they’re also fun! Meme coins have a special place in the heart of the cryptosphere, and several are top cryptos in their own right.

Meme Moguls embraces this fun-and-profit duality of crypto trading with a new meme-based exchange. This is the place where Wall Street slick meets internet culture cool. Users can trade meme-based assets in a fast-paced stock exchange-like environment.

Offering a robust community-based system, Meme Moguls offers traders a collaborative environment where strategies can be shared and insights discussed. This is the prime place where market-shaping events like the Bitcoin ETF can be analyzed and investment strategies formulated.

Meme Moguls rewards its users for actively participating in the ecosystem. Unique NFTs are on offer and even a leaderboard to track investment gains. But that’s not all – traders can even stake their MGSL tokens in a liquidity pool for attractive APY returns, creating passive income while users engage in the excitement of trading.

SEI – New layer1 solution skyrockets

Anyone who thinks the crypto market is saturated missed the rise of SEI. This Layer-1 Blockchain was one of the top cryptos for the year, even though it launched in August 2023. This top crypto amassed over a billion dollars in market cap in four months. While SEI is still new and finding its feet, there is little doubt that SEI is a serious contender in the blockchain game. Solana prides itself on being the fastest blockchain, but SEI is working to dethrone Solana from that position. If SEI’s fees are low enough, it may upset Solana on the top crypto blockchain for development.


The Bitcoin ETF will make the whole cryptosphere shoot the moon, and the top cryptos like SEI and Solana will, in all likelihood, yield significant returns. However, small-cap cryptos like Meme Moguls may grow faster than the top cryptos, making a strong case for adding Meme Moguls to an investment portfolio.

Now in its 5th phase of presale, Meme Moguls is for sale at $0.0036.

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